In the Beginning: 

The impetus to start this blog began with two simple words "We're Closing."

My husband had been cast in a Broadway show which was to take us both to New York from our beloved home in Chicago.  It was an offer he couldn't refuse, and an exciting opportunity for me. I quit my job, packed up all my stuff and was ready to take on the new challenges that lay ahead, when two days before I was set to leave everything behind, he called to tell me the show would be closing unexpectedly. Everything changed. Job security was gone, the reason for moving was gone, and all I could think was "I need to write this down."

The blog served as a space for me to record my thoughts during an uncertain time.

How'd that all work out for ya?

I spent eight and half months in the Big Apple. Most of the time was spent logging many hours behind the desk of a spa in order to cover rent, but there was time spent with family, friends and loved ones. We found the world's best pizza, discovered our (current) all time favorite cocktail bar, and even walked the entire length of the island. However, despite the unexpected adventure my heart never left Chicago and we made the decision for me to move home while the other half was to stay in NYC for a little longer.

We spent almost a year living apart, which was challenging to be sure, but the right decision at the time. When I returned home to Chicago I found it harder to blog. Partly because I started a new job, and tried my hat at producing a new play, but mostly due to the fact that I wasn't sure what I wanted to say. With life returning to "normal" what could I really write about? I went back and forth about feeling guilty for abandoning my little space on the interwebs to feeling like "this is my blog I can do whatever I want!" I am very dramatic that way.

Where we are now...

Happily reunited in The Windy City we are both on the cusp of entering a new decade of life, and with that brings a lot of excitement and lots of questions. Such as "What am I supposed to be doing?" "What will the next ten years bring?" "When will I be famous?" You know...those kinds of questions.

With so many questions floating around in ones head, it's best not to question a blog too much. Instead I return to my little blog excited to write about whatever my heart desires. Yummy things, pretty things, funny things....the possibilities are endless.

"Life Is What Happens When your Plans Change"...I am excited to see what happens.