The Blürg

We met in March of 2007 at The Goodman Theatre in Chicago

Hey! We met here! (note: this picture was not taken on the day we met)

A few weeks later we saw at play at the Goodman. Then, almost a year after that, we got engaged there too.

We were married (not at the Goodman) on January, 3rd 2009. 

Yay! Married!
I wrote a blog about that. You can read it here.

Although we aren’t sure of it’s exact origins, at some point after our first meeting
and before our engagement we became known as Blürgen, or The Blürg for short.

We like this name.

We lived in New York for a little while. 

On the Hi Line
 But now we are back in our favorite city, Chicago. 

Chicago makes us Happy.
With our two kitties. 

Stanley and Toaster

 We love to travel. 

Petite St. Vincent

San Francisco
We love to drink wine, and eat yummy things.

We are both actors, although one of us is unsure about that from time to time. 

We have awesome families and friends. 

And while we have no idea what the future holds, we are excited to see where life takes us. 

Mirror Mirror on the Wall....