Thursday, February 11, 2010

Simple Pleasures: Snowy Days and Snuggly Kitties

It has been a long day folks, when you arise at 4:45am after a fitful night of little sleep the wrong side of the bed is the only side from which to emerge.

Apparently the word on the street is that a good half of the country is blanketed in snow, with potentially more looming in the wings.  Here in NYC we certainly saw our fair share throughout the day yesterday, but amazingly enough the damage seems to be minimal as the early trudge to work this morning was not slowed down by drifts of snow.  They move fast here in Ol' NY, and with the heat from the subways underfoot and the snow plows which appeared from every corner out of thin air, the city really only had time to take a breath before it was back to the daily grind.

However, this evening I allowed myself to take more than just a breath, and really lay still.  In a rare occurrence Jürgen and I both had some simultaneous free time and spent a good portion of it laying on the bed cuddling with our beloved feline friends.  It was so calming to just sink into the down comforter and feel the warmth and low hum of their purr, and my heart swelled a little with my love for them.  They have been such an amazing addition to our lives and they have an incredible way of centering you when the days are long and cold.

Stanley didn't allow us to photograph him for posterity, but Toaster didn't mind snuggling with me for a few extra minutes.  

It's a lovely little gift when life affords you the opportunity to take a breath and feel the love around you.


  1. Purrrr........Yes, nothing can take the place of a warm, purring cat on your lap or next to you! Warms the body and the soul! I miss my purring machine! Momma

  2. Dear Stanley and Toaster,

    We love to curl up with our favorite portable organic heater--"mom"--even though we've heard she likes DOGS, too. ( We try to overlook this character flaw.)

    Casear, Mr. Chester Bean, and Murphy