Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beating the Funk...

A Funk has overtaken me for a time now. It ebbs and flows and generally pisses me off. Funks are no fun and render me lethargic, uninspired and useless.  I will expound more on this in a later post, as I am trying to collect my thoughts regarding said Funk. So for now I will give you a list of some activities that can beat the Funk, and even if they can't beat it, they can certainly give it a run for it's money.

-Buying a new pair of shoes. Yellow flats are espically funk-repellent

-Planting a herb garden in a pail and seeing the seedlings begin to sprout

-Enjoying a toasted marshmellow milkshake (with a toasted marshmellow on top even!) from The Stand (just don't eat their hamburgers)

-Organizing the CRAP out of your apartment. Like under the bathroom sink, in the shoe/coat closet, and the kitchen cabinets.  It's so cathartic.

-Enjoying Drag Queen Cocktails, while wearing Tiara's and watching the finale of RuPauls's Drag Race.

-Eating yoru first ever double cheeseburger from Shake Shack.  **Warning** deep pangs of guilt may follow this indulgence, but that is just the Funk getting to you. Life is short, eat good burgers.

-Eating an amazing salad of kale, beets, peas, wheatberries, feta cheese and other oh-so-nourishing and soul feeding healthy foods, which makes you feel like a grown up who can balance their diet after eating a double cheeseburger, cheese fries, and ice cream.

-Watching LOST (it's getting so good!) with the two main men in your life and drinking Champagne cocktails

-Lots of cuddly, kissy, lovey kitty time.

-Pre-ordering your ticktes to the midnight opening of Sex and the City: 2

-Drinking margaritta's at 2pm on a Friday with your brother while throngs of teenage girls scream outside the restaurant at Channing Tatum who is filming a movie in Astoria, and you realize you are too old and out of touch to know who he is and why people care.

 -Being asked to be an actor in a staged reading of a very cool new play, performing it for a crowd of intelligent theatre-goers and finally feeling like you are doing something creative after months of stagnation. (Thank you Brian!)

-Watching this on YouTube. Incredible.

-Knowing that as you write this blog your husband is in the process of making sauteed pork chops with musrooms, dill and sour cream along with twice baked potatoes.

What activities do you do to beat the Funk?


  1. Planting that herb garden sounds like a pretty good start to de-funking. Sometimes it's nice to listen to melancholy music and welcome the funk - that's usually the first step to watching it pass.

  2. Agreed on the spring shopping. That has been good for me as well. A nice long walk on a beautiful day is also good. As is yoga or some other kind of exercise class. Going to new restaurants and trying new recipes at home! And finally, wine nights with the gals! :)

  3. The Funk is the worst - guess we all get it sometimes. Congratulations on your theatre reading. Your posts always make me think and smile. I try to change my schedule and focus when the Funk gets too intense. Hope yours is short lived. (:

  4. I spend the end of every winter in a tremendous funk and have a tough time beating it. I always feel that being out in the sunshine makes me feel better... taking a walk with the pup or going for a pleasant drive (I know, not exactly activities for a cat-owning, city-dweller ;))... but sunshine, however you can get it, does wonders.

    And my herb garden provides me with unending amounts of happiness. I love watching my little plant babies grow. If you like growing and have room for one more bucket and a spot that gets a lot of sun, plant a tomato plant. They're wonderful.

  5. There's no way a funk could exist with such repellent. :) Now you have things to go back to if funk should rear its ugly head again.

  6. A trip to Chicago always lessens the funk! Great to see you this week! :)

  7. Love this post! I have been doing my Spring Cleaning but not eating any great take out like you. ;) The shake sounds to die for!

  8. Ha! Hope you are at SATC2 right now (post shake shack, of course -- love the frozen custard!)

  9. I hope by this time you've pulled out of your funk! I was feeling the same way last week, and treated myself to some new cookbooks and a pound of my absolute favorite, hard-to-find coffee. There's nothing like hanging out with a French press and some well-written food anecdotes, delicious recipes, and drool-worthy pictures!