Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Lovin'

As the calendar hovers on the brink of August to September and the inevitable end of summer (sob!) I feel it fitting to recap some of my favorite aspects of the season.

First off, Jürgen and I have been enjoying nature's bounty and have been cooking up a storm. As I have mentioned in a previous post we are members of a CSA and every week receive a box of local produce. Our favorite find so far: Garlic Scapes. They may appear to be a tangled light green bundle, but when you cut them up, splash on a little olive oil, throw in a pinch of salt and roast them at 400˚ for 30-45 mins what you end up with is a delightfully crispy, mildly garlicky green bean type veggie. Their season has already waned, but we will anxiously await them next year.

In addition to cookin' we have also been growin'...herbs that is. After years of letting three planters (left behind by the past owners) sit unoccupied we finally decided to till our own soil and have an urban garden of our own.

We planted basil, dill, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (thank you Simon and Garfunkle), and I am pleased to report that all plants are thriving, with the exception of the dill which met it's fateful end one night during a fierce rainstorm. It is truly an exciting event when you can make pesto with the basil from your own garden.  Or grill some feta cheese with sprigs of fresh thyme that you have nurtured with your very hands.

What's that you say, grilled feta? Yes, you heard me's incredible.  Trust.

We have had the pleasure of seeing two couples get married.

                                                                  Kevin and Heather

                                                                           Katie and Hunter.

(I just realized that both of these couples were cool!)

I have currently become obsessed with the recently wrapped television series Friday Night Lights.  If you haven't already watched it do yourself a favor and start, it's brilliant.

Finally, we have two trips coming up. First we will be travelling to Louisville this weekend to visit my family and meet it two newest members.

Could you not just die? I cannot wait to squeeze their little mushy faces. I love my cats, but there is nothing like a fuzzy kitten.

Then in one week we will be travelling to the land where I belong: California Wine Country. I have never been so excited for a trip in my life. There will likely be many blog posts about it so stay tuned.

I hope you all have had an incredible summer. It goes by far too quickly.

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