Tuesday, April 19, 2011

24 Hours with The Jürg

Since Jürg and I have lived apart we have done a mighty fine job of seeing each other at least once a month. Not ideal, but given the circumstances certainly a good goal to have.

I was supposed to fly out to the City of Brotherly Love right after I gave my don't go into the arts dream big and do whatever you want speech, but last week Jürg got called into an important audition here in Chicago. So, as is typical whenever you make a plan, everything had to be rescheduled. We cancelled my flight and transfered the credit (God bless you Southwest Airlines) so he could fly here for a mere twenty four hours.  Again not ideal, but we adapt.

The trip was oh so quick but we did our best to make the most of it. We went out for cocktails at a new lounge in the neighborhood, played Yahtzee, drank wine and talked about summer goals. His audition went incredibly well so we are keeping our fingers crossed and just gearing up for the home stretch of this almost one year separation. It's always the final furlong that's the hardest, but hopefully time will continue to fly and June will be bustin' out before we know it.

Until then....I hope Spring decides to return. Any...day...now.

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