Saturday, April 16, 2011

We're "Trying"

Have I ever mentioned how hilarious I find the phrase "We're trying." As in "We are trying to get pregnant."

It's hilarious to me. I love that phrase.

Because think about it: what are people really implying when they say that?

Jürgen and I could be at a fancy dinner party surrounded by uptight elders and if I declared to the table "Oh yes we are trying to get pregnant" they would all look at us with warm smiles and approving nods at our desire to further the human race and nurture a human life.

But if I instead said "oh yeah we are having all kinds of sex around the clock in an effort to knock me up" they would gasp in horror and possibly lose their meal all over the table.

But that's basically what you are saying when you utter the loaded two word phrase "We're trying."


Oh and to be clear, we are not "trying", nor do I play to "try" any time soon, and should I ever decide to "try" you will never hear me use the phrase "we're trying."

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