Monday, April 4, 2011

Dishing for Dana

When Jürgen and I became engaged a few years ago I started writing a blog, or blürg, centered around our wedding planning. It's main purpose was to provide a window into the event for all of our family and friends across the country. In retrospect it was also an excellent way to document that special time for posterity, or should anyone need any info for my autobiography.

I began to read a fair number of wedding-centric blogs at that time but none compared to the sassy, resourceful and oh so hilarious Broke Ass Bride. My friend, The Parakeet, introduced me to her and I eagerly awaited her posts each day. The blog became quite the hit and has developed into a full blown enterprise of it's own. However, even with all of the excitement, the Broke Ass Bride herself has been battling a rare auto immune disease that affects both of her eyes. The result being that she has to undergo multiple surgeries and therefore acquire massive amounts of debt. I encourage, and frankly urge you to read the full story here and see if you can find it in your heart to show her support in any way you can.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Dana and she is a one of a kind, super cool, awesome gal who is destined, along with her husband Hunter, to achieve great things and I hate the idea of someone being held back because we live in a country with a broken health care system.

After you read it, take a gander around the site. You will not be disappointed!

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