Thursday, November 5, 2009

A sign of the times...

This is an interesting article that kind of pisses me off.


  1. Wow, Blair - that is crazy! They didn't do any marketing except newspaper ads for a major Broadway show???? I'm in shock. And if the NY Times was hoping to prove that they had the power to move tickets to get marketers to come back to them who had started to abandon, it sure backfired in a major way. The marketing director in me is horrified. Wow. Whowever made that deal ...

    In other news, enjoying reading your blog. Always wanted to move to NYC and now I can, sort of. : )

  2. Of course, Blair, you should realize that the Post is the print equivalent of Fixed Noise, that Reidel is a stuck-up asshole and that the Post will do anything to put down the Times.

  3. @ Lara: I do not know how much of this article is fact, but it has been pretty widely agreed upon that the marketing in general wasn't done well. You could certainly show them a thing or two!!!

    @ Mark: I am not up to date on the opinions of the NYC publications. I hope it didn't sound as though I thought this writer has the last word. I merely thought it was interesting and annoying at the same time! I imagine the truth lies somewhere in the middle. one never knows!