Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Writers Block

Hello Friends and followers (all seven of you...),

Please accept my most sincere apologies for my lack of posts in the past week.  I am experiencing a bit of writers block.  I have several half written entries which I cannot seem to fully commit to posting.  So, for now I leave you with this image, and the promise of more blogging to come.

I have come to decide that a lap full of kitties is the best solution for an otherwise tame Tuesday night.


  1. How purrrrrrfectly adorable!!!! Yes, kitties can cure lots of things!!!!

  2. I follow anonymously ;)

  3. My goodness - they've gotten so BIG! (but still super cute). Er... the kitties have gotten big. You're still the same, adorably-sized you. :D

    And actually I'm glad you don't post every day - I have enough reading to do that I know I wouldn't keep up every day - but every few days or once a week? *that* I can manage.