Sunday, November 1, 2009

NYC just got here this morning...

NYC Just Got Here This Morning....       

Three bucks, two bags, one me!

Actually I arrived at 4:45pm, had three bags, and it cost me five bucks to buy one of those luggage trolley thingy’s at the airport.  Clearly the lyrics to that song (can you name that tune?) need to be updated.

I am twenty seven today, and I have come to decide that the only thing more uneventful than turning twenty seven, is turning twenty six. 

Also, I am in New York now.  I haven’t moved to a new city since 2001 when I set my sights on Chicago, where I would earn an extremely marketable degree in Acting.  Aside from brief stints in London and the small town of Readfield, Maine I have basically stayed put.  Heck, growing up the farthest I moved away was about a five minute drive.  I may crave adventure, but I am also very satiated by stability.  It’s a constant struggle to find a balance between these two halves of myself.

Thankfully I have a few people who can provide me some stability as I settle into the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.  This cast of characters include: My fabulous brother Neill, my bestest friend Brittany, and of course Jürgen, my better half.  They will certainly be making many guest appearences in future blog posts.  Brittany greeted me as I arrived in Queens, and like the good friend she is she came bearing gifts in the form of alcohol.  Score.  We sipped Prosecco as I cleaned myself up and then we joined Neill and Jürgen at City Winery for a little birthday nosh.  Loved ones and wine, it doesn’t get much better than that.

On the train ride home Jürgen mentioned “I don’t have anywhere to be anymore,” and my heart hurt a little.  Anytime a show closes an actor goes through a bit of a grieving process where you force yourself to re-adjust to real life.  So much of your time is taken up with rehearsals, performances and social time with your cast that it’s easy to forget there is a big wide world outside.  However this time was very different and we both knew it.  This was a premature ending.  A chord was cut surprisingly, unknowingly and it sure gave a shock to the system.  

Happy Birthday to me!

Despite the shaky nature of my first day as a twenty seven year old, I don’t go to bed sad.  I spent the morning with my parents and the evening with my New York Posse.  I received many calls, texts, and facebook messages from people all over the country.  I feel loved, thankful and hopeful that twenty seven could be a rather eventful year.

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  1. "NYC" from _Annie_. I sang that line waaaaay back in the '80's for a production in Birmingham. :)