Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness

I do not follow college basketball. I have not made an NCAA bracket. All I know is that I hail from a state that loves college sports and you fall on one side: you bleed Blue or your bleed Red.

I bleed Blue.

Basketball isn't what drives me mad during the month of March. It's the weather. The hateful weather that seduces me out of my ankle length coat into a waist length hoodie and then slaps me in the face with freezing temperatures.

I have spent a delightful spring weekend in Louisville where I have been able to eat lunch out on the deck, soak up the sunshine and dream of warmer days. Then I check the weather app on my iPhone and this is what I see:

Do you see how by the end of the week it will be down in the THIRTIES?? How is this fair? How is this kind? Haven't we been through enough? We had almost two feet of snow pummel our streets followed by sub zero temperatures. We get it Mother Nature, winter sucks! But it's officially spring! Bring. It. On.

I just ordered myself a new pair of spring flats from this fantastic organization. I long to shed my winter boots and don my gay footware, why must I be so taunted?

This is what they mean by March Madness.

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