Thursday, March 17, 2011


I received a Facebook invite to join a group for my high school class ten year reunion, which I learned will be taking place in October. When I received said invite, two thoughts ran through my head:

1) What did people do before the age of facebook? It's amazing and frightening how you can reach so many people so quickly.

2) How can this be possible? Ten years? I have not won my first Oscar yet! I was supposed to have accomplished that before my ten year reunion. And if not that, at least I would be on a successful sitcom or something.

Ten years. Wow. That's a long time when you think about it. Ten years ago 9/11 was merely the eleventh day of September. If you said that you "tweeted" something people would look at you and be concerned for your mental health. Barack Obama wasn't a name anyone recognized. Or Sarah Palin (and if it only could have stayed that way). You didn't text. You still bought CD's. Justin Bieber was probably still in diapers (is anyone ever going to point out that he is a dead ringer for Hillary Swank in Boys Don't Cry...anyone?). We hadn't entered into a war. No one watched Dancing with the Stars or American Idol. Apple Computers weren't cool. And certainly no one was blogging.

This is a fun game.

I used to think I would never go to my high school reunion, but now I think it could be interesting, perhaps even fun? It would be nice to see the faces of folks who I haven't seen since graduation day. To see what everyone is up to.

Am I where I thought I would be ten years after high school? I am not sure. I had ideas and starry ambitions, but I don't think I could really visualize my future back then. When I think about the next ten years I want to be more intentional about how I want to shape my life. About where I see myself going. Be realistic, yet optimistic. I certainly believe that my best days belong in my future and not my past.

I feel good about that.

Oh, and I haven't aged a day.

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  1. I also used to think I would not go to my high school 10 year, but I did (waaaaayy back in 2009) and it turns out I had a really great time. I have a small group of high school friends that I still see when I go home, though, and I think that made all the difference. While it was fun to go back to the gossipy days of high school and talk trash about who was looking good, who was obviously a drunk, and who seemed to not have matured or grown at all in ten years, it was really only a great night because it was a night out with my old friends.