Friday, March 25, 2011

This Writing Thing

Is tough man....

I definitely needed a swift kick to get back to blogging, and I am happy that I have set a goal for myself. But I feel like I am scraping the bottom of the barrel here folks.

I remember when I started this blog. I remember standing in my bathroom on that fateful night, looking in the mirror and I just had this moment of clarity. An "ah-ha!" moment if you will. I knew I had a story to tell, and it needed to be written. Words flowed out of me. I wanted to share my thoughts, I wanted to sit down and write.

Then a funk came over me while I was in New York and it became hard to write. Then I moved back to Chicago and felt like I had let too much time lapse to pick back up and write. Now I just don't know what to write.

My life, it's pretty uneventful these days. I work, I come home, I drink wine, I talk with friends. It's all good stuff, and I am so thankful for my blessings. I just don't feel like it makes for particularly interesting blog entires.

I am not giving up on this challenge. I still plan to see this through till Easter, and I very much want to continue beyond that. I just wish I had a bit more focus. A stronger story. A greater need.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any advice?


  1. I always like your recipes :) about all your musings about parenthood and marriage and being a "grown-up"...those have to be good for a few essays.

  2. I love reading your blog! I think you are too hard on yourself- though that has always been true! You love to take pictures, yes? Pictures speak volumes- include more!" Write about what you know" was always advice from English teachers- recommend some wines/cheeses; write about a play you have seen lately, an article you have read. Your amazing parents, perhaps???( Just kidding!) Maybe solicit advice from fellow theatre types about what to discuss at KCD or some good trivia categories that you and your "What abouts" can suggest next time you win. See- the list is endless- just keep writing- you have a talent! Love you!

  3. Write about your everyday. Maybe boring to you but to us it is fantastic!!!!!