Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Favorite Things: Tuesday Night Trivia

Some people work for the weekend. They tick off the days and minutes until its five o'clock on a Friday and the real fun can begin. Not for me. I prefer to have boring weekends and busy weeks. I'm a complex being what can I say?

In the past few months Tuesdays have quickly become one of my most anticiapated days because with the dawn of every Tuesday brings the possibility of victory. It's Tuesday Night Trivia my friends, and it can get intense.

I never like to feel stupid, it's not a fun feeling, however when you have a few beers in ya, and perhaps a nice batter filled plate of fish and chips, the sting is less painful. And sometimes I even leave feeling a little more intelligent than when I walked in, because not only do I gain knowledge when I don't know an answer but I surprise myself when I get an answer right.

For example: In figure skating how many rotations are there in a double axle?

Easy! Two and a half. Bam! Correct! Don't ask me how I know that...

While trivia can be a singular sport, its best played in teams and its a great way to spend an evening with friends. A team of regulars among my friends has developed and it's so much fun to catch up on the previous weeks events while exercising our minds at the same time.

It's a growing trend I hear and I highly recommend you jump on the Trivia Train. Do a little googling of some bars near you and I am certain you can find a place and time that fits your schedule. Invite some pals along and you have a regular weekly tradition in the making.

And may I say...Cheers to that!

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